Post #1 (5/25/15) Let’s Get Back into the Flow of Life!!!

There was a time when I was so focused on living with the Law of Attraction principles, that I began manifesting an amazing array of miracles effortlessly.  Everyday I would call my voicemail and find a myriad of unexpected (yet expected at the same time) wonderful messages waiting for me.  GOD was my PR person!!!  I had calls from radio stations all across the world wanting me to talk about animal communication/and/or do sessions over the air, a pet-focused rock band looking for a female singer (front person and/or background singer), tv shows wanting to interview me, newspaper interviews ~ the list of adventures is unlimited.

At that time, my Prosperity Partner Polly and I were working in tandem to create abundance in our lives.  Daily we would send each other three different types of emails:  Miracles/Appreciation where we listed things we appreciated and miracles that had manifested (which of course we appreciated), Law of Attractions which consisted of things we wanted to manifest, however, we would write it as though it had already manifested, and To Let Go and Let GOD – things we were finding challenging and no longer wanted to attempt to control.  The miracles were happening so quickly that there were days when I sent multiple Miracles/Appreciation emails.  I found that the more I sent the more miracles I manifested.  Gratitude in your attitude is one of the most effective manifesting tools as the more you notice and appreciate, the more you open yourself up to abundance.

Every morning we would call each other at the crack of dawn and excitedly talk about all of our manifestation miracles, some of which had actually happened.  Part of our conversation consisted of speaking about our Law of Attraction wishes as though they had actually occurred.

After awhile the items in our Law of Attraction category would manifest and appear in our Miracles/Appreciation emails.  I remember one conversation in which Polly happily exclaimed, “I thought I was reading your Law of Attraction email and then realized it was your Miracles/Appreciation email!!!”

Along with the emails and phone conversations, I was studying a series of Law of Attraction beliefs created by prominent Law of Attraction Practioners.  Abraham-Hicks, Florence Scovel Shinn, Catherine Ponder, Michelle Blood, Bijan of Effortless Prosperity, various Unity teachers, Sanaya Roman, Lynn Grabhorn, Neville Goddard and many others.  I was attending seminars, reading their books, listening to their tapes.

I learned that your vibration was the factor that attracted or rebelled your abundance.  I created a song that I would sing whenever I was feeling stressed.  If I was alone I would sing it out loud.  If I was outside I would sing it inside my head. Maintaining a vibration consisting of the lightest and happiest energy was of vital importance and a key factor in letting in all of the good that was  coming my way.

Knowing that attracting prosperity could be an effortless experience instead of one clouded with worry, anxiety and forcing solutions, was a lesson that I was learning daily.

So I think it is time to get back into the flow of life and begin living in the Law of Attraction and Allowing again!!!  Easily and effortlessly!!!

Onward and upwards!!!

Love, Light & Miracles,

Cynthia xxx000