Having started this blog last weekend, I am left with ~ so now what?  A friend asked me today why I only had one entry on my blog.  I explained that I am doing this the gentle way ~ no pressure, baby steps, finding my way through the WordPress process.  Eventually I will upgrade to the Premium so that I can customize the look and I am researching plug-ins so that I can link this to email updates. 

The same friend asked me what had happened in the past in terms of my no longer putting 100% focus on the Law of Attraction principles that were working for me.  Good question.  Excellent, in fact.

The direct answer is ~ I lost my way.  Oh, it isn’t as serious as all that, but we all forget lessons that we have learned and we have to relearn them again and again.  Or at least I do.  I have success in one direction and that success leads to my life becoming so big that I forget to apply the principles that led to my success in the first place. 

Over the years I have always continued believing in the Law of Attraction principles ~ the main one being that what you focus on grows.  So if I focus on what works, that gets bigger. And if I focus on what doesn’t work, that is what grows larger.  It is easy to focus on what you are concerned about and feel as though by worrying you are actually “solving” a problem.  What is harder is noticing what you are concerned about, dealing with what you can and letting go of the rest.  Being a highly spiritual person, I find prayer to work wonders.  But also being a very controlling person, I have a difficult time letting go of worry.  Yes, there is the saying that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair and thinking you are actually moving forward.  I am a very emotional and creative person, so I feel things a lot deeper than a lot of people do.  I am a highly empathetic person so I feel other people’s pain and get drawn in easily to their world.

At the time that I had the greatest success with the Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing (not getting in your own way and repelling the good that has been set into motion) I had a lot of tools in place that were propelling me forward in a positive manner.  One of the main tools was having a Prosperity Partner.  It was amazing to have someone else who was as committed to your abundance as you were to theirs.  Emailing this person throughout the day, speaking on the phone every morning, sharing Law of Attraction miracles and speaking about things you wanted to manifest as thought these things had actually happened ~ this elevated my Law of Attraction miracles to a new level.

So what happened to my commitment? 

  • My Prosperity Partner and I lost touch and I never found someone who was as enthusiastic and committed to the work as she was. 
  • I would do the manifestation work by sending myself the three emails a day, but I wasn’t as consistent as when I had someone else reading them and sending me theirs. 
  • I wasn’t attending as many seminars and classes as I had been.  Meeting like-minded people made all of the difference in the world as it added to the fun and excitement of how amazing this can be.
  • I would focus on what I actually had  going on in my life instead of what I wanted to have.  I spent too much time dwelling on my fears and less time focusing on my dreams as though they had occurred.

But this is not about reprimanding myself for past actions and my inability to be consistent with this work.  This is about stepping back into the work, in a gentle and easy way.

Dealing with reality and feeling emotional about important life events, is an important part of the process.  But feeling it and moving forward is the key.

So this blog is about my relearning what my heart and soul already knows ~ this is an abundant universe available to all of us ~ and sharing with you my knowledge and process as I navigate it all.

There is no goal to write here a certain amount of postings a week.  I am going to let my heart determine the direction and process of this blog and create a no pressure zone.

Goal for today:  Send myself the three emails – Miracles/Gratitude, Let Go and Let GOD and Law of Attraction ~ at least once today.  Meditate a minimum of 5 minutes.  And read something uplifting and spiritual.

Welcome to the process!!!  Would you like to join in?

Love, Light & Miracles,

Cynthia  xxx000


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